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BARP President Marilyn Rice-Bowen, and Interim General Manager Betty Proute tour the Podiatry Room at the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.

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World Kidney Day- March 12, 2020

Theme: “Kidney Health for Everyone Everywhere- From Prevention to Detection and Equitable Access to Care

Kidney disease is a non-communicable disease (NCD) which affects around 850 million people globally. Kidney disease can be delayed and/or prevented with access to basic diagnostics and early treatment.

“This year World Kidney Day continues to raise awareness of the increasing burden of kidney diseases worldwide and to strive for kidney health for everyone, everywhere.”

Prevention involves three (3) categories:

  1. Primary Prevention
  2. Secondary Prevention
  3. Tertiary Prevention

Primary Prevention consists of intervening before health effects occur in an effort to prevent the onset of kidney disease before the disease process begins. This includes the promoting of healthy lifestyles including physical activity and healthy diets as well as the the maintenance of risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, structural abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tracts.

Secondary Prevention suggests preventive measures that lead to early diagnosis and prompt treatment of kidney disease to prevent more severe problems developing.

Tertiary Prevention indicates managing kidney disease after it has been well established, in order to control the progression of the disease and the emergence of more severe complications.

In 2020, World Kidney calls on everyone to advocate for concrete measures in every country to promote and advance kidney disease prevention including:

  • Renewed focus on primary care, awareness raising and education including patient empowerment and cross-specialty training
  • Whole-of-government, whole-of-society, health in all policies, multisectoral collaboration to promote prevention of kidney disease.

Extract taken from https://www.worldkidneyday.org/2020-campaign/2020-wkd-theme/

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PLEASE NOTE: This page is currently being updated to reflect our recent change of Brokers.
Lynch Insurance Brokers
P. (246) 426 5062,(246) 230 5051
E. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new Medical plan is specially designed to provide all members of BARP and their respective immediate family with access to a wide range of medical insurance benefits that would otherwise be very costly for many members to purchase on an individual basis.

Persons joining BARP on the attainment of age 50 are eligible to join the plan immediately.  Members between the ages of 51  and 59  years will require medical evidence of insurability satisfactory to the insurer, at the member’s expense, prior to approval of coverage.  BARP members age 60 and over will NOT be eligible to join the Health plan.












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Seniors exercising

Ideally, you should be able to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate endurance activity a week. This would include walking, swimming, cycling, and a little bit of time every day to improve strength, flexibility, and balance. The 150 minutes is the prescribed amount of moderateintensity exercise that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggest for generally fit Americans aged 65 and older. Even though this sounds like a lot, the good news is that you can break it down into 10- or 15-minute chunks of exercise two or more times a day. Here is an example of what a week might look like, along with suggestions for some exercises you can do to get started:

The article can also be be found here:  http://www.healthline.com/ health/everyday-fitness/ senior-workouts#creating-your- plan1






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Key Considerations in Selecting a Nursing/Residential Home

Download this seminar PDF presented by Shirley-Ann Brathwaite RN/RM/CHN - Advisory and Inspection Coordinator for Nursing Homes, Senior Citizens and Maternity Homes


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