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BARP President Marilyn Rice-Bowen's recent address at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between BARP and the Barbados Diabetes Foundation.


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BARP and Diabetes Foundation forge a partnership

President of BARP Marilyn Rice-Bowen and Chairman of the Barbados Diabetes Foundation Justice Christopher Blackman sign Memorandum of Understanding while Foundation CEO Cally Boyea looks on. This took place at  Maria Holder Diabetes Center on 22nd July where a partnership between the two entities will benefit BARP members. Details coming soon.

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The benefits of vegetables to health

  • Therapeutic and nutritional benefits of gardening
  • Lowering non communicable diseases

The value of plants

  • What is a vegetable/fruit?
  • What is organic gardening?
  • The relevance of climate change
  • Importance of climate smart gardening and sustainability

Safety aspects  

Demonstration of raised beds

  • Solutions to location challenges/limited space
  • Approaches to planting
    • Planting in open beds, square foot gardening, the permaculture approach or planting in containers
    • Aquaponics and organoponic systems (field trip)
    • Importance and aims of irrigation/water harvest
    • Bed preparation: tillage; incorporating organic matter (types, amounts, placement)
      • The importance of soil and why soil pH is important? (Compost in containers)
      • Organic matter
      • Preparing plant beds

      Grow boxes

      Growing in containers (types and uses)

Soil and Compost

What to grow?

  • Direct seeded vs seedlings
  • Companion crops
  • Crop rotation groups and varieties

Preparation and How to Plant?

  • Garden Plan – importance of having a good planting technique
  • Planting - How to sow seeds?/ How to produce seedlings?/ Care of seedlings
  • Hardening off and Transplanting

The Garden Plan

Sustainable Plant Care

  • Watering techniques
    • Irrigation and water harvesting (efficient water use)
    • Setting up irrigation


  • Types and how to apply

Managing Pests and Diseases

  • Control Strategies
  • Organic Pest Controls
    • Insect spray
    • Neem
    • Compost tea
    • Soap
  • Use of protective structures, greenhouses, row covers, etc.

Fertilizing – Reinvigorating soils

  • Organic fertilizers with compost
  • Making compost as a soil amendment
  • Making fertilizer
  • Roles that bacteria play

Managing Pests and Diseases

  • Control Strategies/ Organic Pest Controls