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Monday, 14 June 2021 19:37

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

BARP world elder abuse awareness day 2021 


Today June 15 is being observed internationally as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, and its theme, “Access to Justice", serves to remind us of the importance of addressing the needs of older persons.

The Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) joins the entire world in voicing its opposition to any form of abuse against the older generations and in promoting a better understanding of elder abuse by raising awareness of the social, economic and cultural processes which affect them.

Elder abuse, which encompasses violence, abuse and neglect, is the most hidden and under reported epidemic in many countries, Barbados included. The UN Plan of Action describes it as a public health and a human rights issue.

The world population is aging and the statistics show that the Barbados population is aging at a faster rate than some other countries.

We however have no register of complaints and reported cases that we can turn to and compare statistics from one year to the next, but we know from anecdotal evidence that the problem exists and it is real. There is anecdotal evidence also that the COVID-19 pandemic which has led to social isolation, has exacerbated the incidence of elder abuse.

In order to deal with a problem, we need to know through research and analysis the extent of the problem. This is why the mantra, “See Something, Say Something”, is very relevant as it relates to the scourge of elder abuse. We are not intruding if we speak out but rather doing our civic duty. We are aware that there is a hotline to report issues of elder abuse and urge that this be made use of.

BARP sees an urgency in the Ombudsman’s office focusing on issues of elder abuse as a category, in as much as it relates to a violation of human rights, but also in the area of conflict resolution.

And we must add another mantra: "Break the Cycle". It may sound trite, but the Youth will soon become Elders and the abuse any of them mete out to their elders will in turn be meted out to them, because our children learn from us.

BARP subscribes to the principle that a society is measured by how it treats its elderly citizens and urges Barbadians to be the best society it can be by ensuring that our seniors lead a life of independence and dignity.





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Saturday, 12 June 2021 10:29

Regular Hours of Operation Resumed


Announcement opening hours






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Wednesday, 09 June 2021 12:40

VIDEO - Scams and Schemes

consumer affairs header 1200x200

The BARP Consumers Affairs Committee in collaboration with the Fair Trading Commission hosted a virtual seminar entitled: Scams and Schemes. Watch and learn about the Blessings Circle pyramid schemes which are prevalent in Barbados.






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Saturday, 05 June 2021 18:57

Covid-19 Press Conference

BARP health covid update banner






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BARP President Marilyn Rice Bowen 400x485BARP President Marilyn Rice-Bowen


The Barbados Association of Retired Persons Inc.  (BARP) has joined  in the condemnation of the unacceptable and. obscene Trojam Riddim Mix music video.  stating that  it not only tarnishes the country’s image but sends the wrong message in the fight against crime and violence.

BARP President Marilyn Rice-Bowen,  in a statement issued today, said  the society was already worried about the impact the upsurge in gun violence is having in our homes, on the streets and on our healthcare system, and the fear it causes many people, especially seniors.

She noted: “We cannot, therefore, allow this ‘ bad boy culture’ to become entrenched in our society.  For our artistes to glamourise  this type of unacceptable behaviour in a music video suggests there is an attempt at trivialising, normalising and embedding this is our social environment.

The BARP president said that this video not only is totally unacceptable  but it must not be embraced as poetic licence, neither must the criticism be dismissed as an attempt to stymie creativity.

”We understand what is in good taste; we know what is right and what is wrong; this music video, featuring some of the leading artistes, is offensive and objectionable. They have displayed poor judgment.

“At a time when the country is still coming to grips with the brutal killing of a policeman and the continuing incidence of shootings, there must be no glamourisation of violence,  whether in advertisements, music videos, music being played on our airwaves or that on public service  vehicles”, she added.

The BARP president warned that there can be no silent bystanders in this particular issue, since the society must be united in upholding high standards and maintaining decency.


About BARP:

The Barbados Association of Retired Persons Inc.  (BARP) is a non-governmental apolitical organisation serving the needs of the over 50s in Barbados. It has a membership in excess of 24 000 and advocates for matters ranging from health coverage  to consumer issues, its aim being to  assist seniors in leading a llife of independence and dignity  BARP was founded in 1995.





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Thursday, 03 June 2021 13:31

Survey on the Elderly in Barbados


Dear BARP Member (65+),

As a part of an essential research project on the Elderly in Barbados, the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, in collaboration with PAHO, is currently seeking to assess the personal, social, financial/economic and service-oriented needs and experiences of the Elderly (65 years plus) in Barbados in order to enhance the wider services environment and its delivery systems in meeting these diverse needs. The survey is being conducted by following technical consultants, Professor Dwayne Devonish and Dr. Lawrence Nurse.  We also thank BARP for offering this platform to reach you. 

We are asking for your cooperation in completing this short online survey via the link provided.





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