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Thursday, 27 February 2014 18:46

Get on the Move with BARP at Agrofest



AGROFEST 2014: February 28, March 1-2, 2014


The Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP) has announced a partnership with the National NCD Commission, Ministry of Health, the Barbados Diabetes Foundation and Knights Health Advantage Club in combatting non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

BARP will use a two pronged approach based on education and awareness, as well as salt reduction in the diet as part of a campaign titled BARP On The Move: Just A Pinch! This campaign is expected to have a significant impact on the management, reduction and prevention of non-communicable diseases. While the primary target group of this campaign will be BARP’s 40,000 plus members, it is expected that the secondary beneficiaries; households, families and friends of BARP members will significantly increase the reach of this campaign, making it one of national importance.

The BARP On The Move campaign will be implemented in short, medium and long term phases. The first phase, Just A Pinch will be launched at Agrofest, February 28, March 1-2, 2014 and will emphasize salt reduction in the diet in an effort to combat hypertension and heart disease.

The BARP On The Move booth at Agrofest will feature cooking demonstrations by well-known celebrity chefs Derek Went, Damien Reid, Keisha Nurse, Creig Greenidge and Wilmore Jordan. Visitors will be treated to free samples of selected dishes prepared with little or no salt but with lots of flavour using local herbs and seasonings. To reinforce these demonstrations, brochures containing health tips on the seasoning of meats, fish and sauces will be distributed. Five to ten minute presentations will be made periodically throughout the exhibition on how to achieve lifestyle changes by dieticians, the Barbados Diabetes Foundation and our sponsors, Seven Seas. The Knights Health Advantage Club (KHAC) will be on-hand to provide cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and body mass index assessment tests. The highlight of the weekend will be our Fitness Xplosion sessions with well-known fitness guru, Eareal Johnson and members of BAMSAC. All Agrofest patrons are invited to visit the BARP booth and make a commitment to improve the quality of their health and well-being.




Topics & Presenters




Friday, February 28th

10:00 am- 1:00 pm

School Children - Videos: Cooking with Chef Derek Went


4:00 pm

One on One Interaction with the Public: Flyer Distribution

6:00 pm

Brief talk on Healthy Eating by Mr. Lennox Prescod, Knights Ltd

6:30 – 8: 00pm

One on One Interaction with the Public: Flyer Distribution



Saturday, March 1st

10:30 am

Cooking Demonstration by Damien Reid- Alkaline Diets



So You think you eat less salt? Think again…

Nutritionist Karen Griffith

12:45 pm

Organic Gardening in Limited Space by Agronomist David Bynoe

1:30 pm

Cooking demonstration by Derek Went- Low Sodium Diet

2:30 pm

Barbados Diabetes Foundation:

“The KNIVES of Diabetes and Role of Food for Better Health” (Kidneys, Nerves, Immunological System, Veins, Eyes, Skin)- Mr. Paul Gibson


Stansfeld Scott presentation


Cooking demonstration by Chef Keisha Nurse

5:00 pm

Fitness Xplosion with Eareal Johnson and BAMSAC



Sunday, March 2nd

10:30 am

Stansfeld Scott presentation


12 Noon

Cooking demonstration by Chef Greig Greenidge


Barbados Diabetes Foundation:

“What don’t kill does fatten”- Ms. Ester Selman,


Barbados Diabetes Foundation

TBC- Why moving (exercise) is important

4;00 pm

Fitness Xplosion with Eareal Johnson and BAMSAC Members

5:00 pm

Cooking demonstration by Chef Wilwore

6:00 pm

Stansfeld Scott presentation

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