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PRESS RELEASE January 20th, 2020



JANUARY 20, 2020

BARP, the Barbados Association of Retired Persons, will be celebrating 25 years this year. In October to be exact.

We are grateful for the tireless and tremendous work laid by those who guided the organization over the years.

 We will make BARP better and its members happier.

BARP will collaborate with other NGOs and indeed Government to make life better for seniors in Barbados.

We will meet with Government, both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs, to look at matters such as pension protection and its related issues; affordable prescription drugs; and how best to curb the many forms of elder abuse.

BARP’s advocacy will be wide and far reaching.

We know that members are interested in the benefits they receive with the organization.

We will seek to expand those benefits this year, whether in insurance [home and motor], health [wellness and Medicare] and lifestyle [travel, restaurants, and beauty salons] or auto services amongst others.   

In 2020 we want to ensure that greater emphasis is placed on consumer protection for our members.

Last year December, BARP organized a very successful Christmas Concert at Hastings Rocks which was well attended and appreciated, given the positive feedback. This event will not be a one off.

Our first initiative for 2020 is the introduction of the BARP Calendar which can be an effective daily guide for our members.

Circle all your important dates:  birthdays, anniversaries, use it as a reminder for insurance and healthcare payments and of course, your BARP renewal fees.

Thanks once again to our sponsors: Sagicor, Brydens Insurance, Gallagher Insurance Brokers and The Beacon Insurance Co. Ltd.

BARP, with 27,000 members is a non-partisan organization which does not get any funding from government. 

To achieve our mission BARP depends on membership fees. Given what members pay and the benefits received…it’s worth every cent.

BARP plans to do so much more for its members, plus the hundreds of new members, we want to see signing up this year.

Our top priorities this year will include:

  •  Brining more benefits to members
  • Advocacy with Government on pension issues
  • Working with the Ministry of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs on    Elder Abuse
  • Enhance consumer protection
  •  Working with Ministry of Transport and Works on changing the annual medical for drivers 70 and over to every two years.

 To achieve these objectives we have reached out into our membership to seek help from those with the experience, and time, to lead the process in these various areas.

 e.g. Clorinda Alleyne, Eric Smith, Tony Hoyos, Michelle Arthur, Marvo Hope, Dame Billie Miller, Marilyn Rice-Bowen, Patrick Cozier and the Committees they lead.

We hope other volunteers will contact the BARP Secretariat to offer their services.

The Board, Management and Staff of BARP’s Secretariat  wish all seniors in Barbados a healthy and eventful 2020.



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