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Summary of Frequently Asked Questions on BARP Medical Insurance Plan Change

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  1. If the Life Benefit is compulsory and BARP has over 28 000 members, how was it under subscribed? - Only 12,000 members have come in to sign up for the Life benefit so far. We are hopeful that the other 16,000 will come in to sign up by September even though their memberships have not yet expired. We also have approx 1600 members with a lifetime memberships and we are asking those persons to come in to sign up as well

  2. Why did the under subscribed Life Benefit affect the Health Plan which surpassed enrollment objectives? Aren’t they separate? If not, how are the two related? They are related. The reason why the ICBL plan failed was because many persons made more claims than the premiums they paid on a regular basis. It is anticipated that The Life benefit, while being an excellent additional benefit for all BARP members, will also help to sustain the Health Plan. The brochures distributed from the first town hall meeting, Dec 13th, 2017, mentioned that all BARP members were required to subscribe to the LIFE BENEFIT. That is why it was made part of the BARP fees.

  3. If the 5000 health insurance enrollment objective was surpassed by 2000 persons, why was the deductible increased? Short answer – The insurance companies continued to insist that a minimum number of 20,000 persons must be enrolled in the Life benefit by March 31st.

  4. Since the enrollment objective was surpassed by 2000 persons, why was the deductible not decreased? The Insurance companies did not agree to that. We hope that as more persons continue to join the plan during the year that the increased numbers will give us some more leverage. However that depends on the level of the claims. Persons need to careful about the claims they make and not “nickel and dime” the plan. An unreasonable claims ratio (more dollar amounts for claims that premiums paid) can be unfavorable. So we all have to ensure that we claim responsibly. The plan has some checks and balances built in to help control high claims.

  5. If the 5000 health insurance enrollment objective was surpassed, why didn't the insurance start on 1st April? Many persons were not able to complete the enrollment on time. They collected and completed the forms before the deadline but waited until the last 2 weeks. BARP just could not accommodate all of the persons who, for one reason or another waited till the last minute. More than half of the 3000 persons enrolled during the last 2 weeks of March. That is why the lines were so long despite the Saturday and extended opening hours.

  6. On what date are monthly premiums due? Premiums are due 30 days in advance of the month of coverage. Payments made with the expectation of an April 1st, 2018 start date will now be applied for coverage in the Month of May 2018. Payments for June should be made before MAY 1st, 2018.

  7. Why do you have to pay insurance premiums 30 days in advance? This is necessary to ensure that payments reach SAGICOR on time. It is a GROUP plan. Payments to SAGICOR have to be made for the whole GROUP at the same time. As you are aware BARP members do not all work at BARP so we have to allow time for the individual payments to be received and reconciled as to who has paid and who has not in order to ensure that the payments are sent off by the first week of the month prior to the month of coverage. No one in the Group will be covered if SAGICOR does not receive payments on time. Unfortunately BARP can only pass on the payments that it has received. We cannot pay for those persons who have not paid in time. It is very important you pay for premiums 30 days in advance.

  8. Why did BARP stop 3 & 5 year memberships? The LIFE benefit is now part of the BARP fees and is payable annually. It cannot be paid beyond the year of coverage. Therefore it cannot be paid for 3 or 5 years at a time.

  9. Coming to the BARP office every year to renew is inconvenient. Can payments be made anywhere else? We are currently making arrangements for payments at several other popular facilities, the Post Office, Online and standing orders. We will soon provide those details. Trials are underway to ensure low transaction costs and easy processing.

  10. How are claims made? Standard SAGICOR Claim forms can be obtained from the doctors and other Service Providers. REMEMBER TO ASK FOR YOUR BARP DISCOUNTS. They will reduce your claims. The claims forms should then be submitted directly to SAGICOR at any of their locations. This will shorten the time to receiving your appropriate reimbursements.

  11. Where do I get claim forms? Use the Standard Sagicor claim forms from your medical service providers?

  12. How can I reduce my claims?
  1. Use medical service providers who give BARP discounts. Remember to ask for discounts!!
  2. Make use of the Polyclinics where ever possible. They offer excellent medical services. If you think the wait is long at the Polyclinics, walk with a sandwich, an apple and a book or newspaper. Make friends with the other persons who are waiting – we are all Bajans and BARP members.
  3. Make use of service providers like the Cancer Society, Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Diabetes Foundation and other similar associations. They offer excellent services and are Not-for-Profit organizations with very affordable cost for service


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Group Health FAQs

  • When does coverage start? +

    Coverage starts on the 1st of April, 2018.
  • What is Open Enrolment? +

    Open Enrolment is enrolment without medicals
  • When do I sign up? +

    You can sign up at any time during the Open Enrolment period from the 1st of January 2018 to 30th March 2018.
  • Where do I sign up? +

    You can sign up at the BARP office in Hastings and at CGM Gallagher’s office in Haggatt Hall
  • Do I have to provide Evidence of Insurability? +

    No, only if you sign up after the 1st of April 2018.
  • What is a Deductible? +

    Your deductible is the initial amount you must pay each year for covered health services before the Insurer will start to pay. You must be mindful of the limits within the plan.
  • Is there an annual deductible? +

    There is an annual Medical deductible of $500.00 per member with a maximum of two per family. The Deductible for the Dental Benefit and the Vision Benefit is $50.00 each.
  • What is Co-payment? +

    A co-payment is a fixed 20% amount you pay toward each medical service since the plan will pay 80% of eligible charges.
  • What is Co-insurance? +

    Coinsurance is a fixed 80%, rather than a flat amount, that the insurer pays toward medical service.
  • When are premium payments due? +

    Premiums are payable monthly and in advance. Payment must be made to the BARP office.
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