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Friday, 11 August 2017 11:17

See Me a Poem by Michael Oxley


See me

By Michael Oxley

Although sometimes I feel like
I am hiding from my foes
Like a soldier in a mask of camouflage
Just moving around in this cloak of tattered
But, look into my eyes and see me

Sometimes too, I feel like a traveller
Going through time trapped in a capsule
As I watch my hair turn white as snow
Like the peak of Asia’s mount Everest
Still, look into my eyes and see me

For I am now led from the beach to the sea
Where as a child I frolic excessively
Still, look into my eyes and see me

Look into my eyes and see me
Not as a weary old person frail and wrinkle
Like the bark of an ageing tree
But as a person with a warm and
Tender heart
That has been untouched by the onslaught
Of time

Please smile with me and say hello
As we passed each other on our native streets
Look into my eyes and remember me
I just want you to see me







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