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Friday, 10 February 2017 09:43

Director Spotlight - Jean Springer

past director jean springer

THE virtue of nurturing pulses through Jean Springer’s veins. Whether through her more than four decades in nursing, tending to her garden or volunteering with BARP and other organisations, the 79 year old brings loads of attentive care to the task at hand.

In July, 2015, Jean retired as a director after serving in the post for over 10 years. During her tenure, she served under all six BARP presidents, and was instrumental in expanding the reach and membership of the association.

Coming from a family of nurses, after completing schooling at the then St Michael Girl’s School, Jean studied nursing in London and later in Canada. Indeed she was first approached to join BARP while still working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, but declined because she did not think she would be able to “give of my best” to BARP while coping with her workload.

After retiring as matron, Jean joined BARP recalling “there were only about 600 members, so they needed support and new members in the association. They were just trying to attract persons because they felt that together you would be able to accomplish things for the older persons in society.”

Volunteering a lot of her time, she enjoyed working at the reception area and doing administrative work, recalling: “. . . I met so many people. Some were workmates, old schoolmates or old neighbours that I hadn’t seen in ages”. After three years as a member, Jean was then asked to become a director.

“I think I have done my bit and I thought someone else can have a chance, so I retired so someone else can make a contribution. That is not to say that if they ask me to do something that I wouldn’t do it, but that I feel I have made what contribution that I could,” she said.

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