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Monday, 18 January 2016 22:21

2015 National Independence Honourees

The Barbados Association of Retired Persons Inc offers heartiest congratulations to the 2015 National Independence Honourees, in particular to our twelve (12) BARP Members who were recognised for their invaluable contribution to Barbados and the Caribbean. We salute you!


  • Mrs Cynthia Wilson: for her outstanding contribution to the cultural life of Barbados.


  • Dr Victor Eastmond: for his outstanding meritorious service and achievements in Barbados and the Caribbean as a dental surgeon, forensic orthodontist, dental educator, lecturer, mentor and leader.

  • His Excellency Mr Samuel Chandler, Ambassador in the Barbados Embassy to Brussels, Belgium: for his meritorious public service.


  • Dr George Callender: for his contribution to technical and vocational education in Barbados.

  • Mr Leric Hunte: for his contribution to civil aviation.

  • Ms Marva Clarke: for her contribution to the legal profession.


  • Mrs Hyacinth Grimes: for her contribution to nursing, in particular palliative care.

  • Ms Juliet Benjamin: for her contribution to the nursing profession.

  • Ms Judy Thomas: for her contribution to disaster preparedness and management.

  • Mr Ashton Turney: for his contribution to the credit union movement.


  • Mr Edmond Bradshaw: for his contribution to the Barbados Red Cross Society.

  • Mr Harold Chandler: for his contribution to radio communications, in particular to the Barbados Citizens Band Radio Association.

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Group Health FAQs

  • When does coverage start? +

    Coverage starts on the 1st of April, 2018.
  • What is Open Enrolment? +

    Open Enrolment is enrolment without medicals
  • When do I sign up? +

    You can sign up at any time during the Open Enrolment period from the 1st of January 2018 to 30th March 2018.
  • Where do I sign up? +

    You can sign up at the BARP office in Hastings and at CGM Gallagher’s office in Haggatt Hall
  • Do I have to provide Evidence of Insurability? +

    No, only if you sign up after the 1st of April 2018.
  • What is a Deductible? +

    Your deductible is the initial amount you must pay each year for covered health services before the Insurer will start to pay. You must be mindful of the limits within the plan.
  • Is there an annual deductible? +

    There is an annual Medical deductible of $500.00 per member with a maximum of two per family. The Deductible for the Dental Benefit and the Vision Benefit is $50.00 each.
  • What is Co-payment? +

    A co-payment is a fixed 20% amount you pay toward each medical service since the plan will pay 80% of eligible charges.
  • What is Co-insurance? +

    Coinsurance is a fixed 80%, rather than a flat amount, that the insurer pays toward medical service.
  • When are premium payments due? +

    Premiums are payable monthly and in advance. Payment must be made to the BARP office.
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