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BARP Membership

NOTICE: Is your BARP membership expiring soon? NO NEED TO WORRY! BARP members will be covered until June 30th, and expired cards will remain valid until this date. We're also asking all concessionaires to honour all expired cards presented during this time period.

Requirements BARP-card

  1. Applicant must be 50 years or older
  2. is a citizen of Barbados, or
  3. has permission to reside in Barbados in accordance with the Laws of Barbados.

Please present a Barbados ID with the application.

To Join

Print and complete the Membership Form PDF and visit the BARP Office, Mervue House, Marine Gardens, Hastings, Christ Church for payment and processing.

Membership Fees

1 YR - $60

Life Benefit: Effective January 1st 2018 there is an additional fee of $40 per year.

PLUS: New Member Entrance Fee: $10 and Card Processing Fee: $5

Payment Methods

We accept Cash, Cheques, & Debit Cards at our office.

Print this form

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Membership Q and A

  • Q: At what age can I join BARP? +

    A: You MUST be 50 years or older at the time of joining.
  • Q: How do I become a member of BARP? +

    A: Visit the BARP Office, complete an application form, and present your Barbados Identification card and pay the appropriate membership fee.
  • Q: What are the BARP membership fees? +

    A:1 Year $60, 3 Years $150
    & 5 Years $200 - A new member entrance fee of $10 and a card processing fee of $5 will apply.
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